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Individual psychotherapy is an exploration of what's going on in your life, how you're responding and what's causing that response.


Whether you're experiencing anxiety, a sense of dis-ease, depression, addictions, spiritual malaise or dreams you want to understand, psychotherapy is a good place to talk about things.  


For couples, therapy is a safe, contained environment to talk about deeper issues, strengthen communication and develop intimacy.


A fundamental healing component of therapy is having a conversation with someone who listens and responds to the many levels of things being discussed.  My role is to track what's eluding or troubling, and work with you to reach a better understanding of what you’re experiencing. We'll discuss ways to ease discomfort and create a more meaningful life.


In our fast paced lives, making time to talk and explore things provides relief. If you're feeling confused, detached, anxious or depressed, therapy can provide clarity and more access to yourself. 


I have a doctorate in Depth psychology and am a licensed marriage family therapist. Depth psychotherapy is based on Jungian psychology, which incorporates exploring the unconscious, such as dreams, intuition, symbolic thought, feelings and instincts.  


My practice is comprised of individuals, couples, families, co-workers and groups. 

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