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Doctorate in Depth Psychotherapy

Pacifica Graduate Institute 2013

Masters in Clinical Psychotherapy

JFK University 1993

Marriage Family Therapist

License number: MFT 34856

Therapeutic Style

My therapeutic style is relational. Over the years, I’ve learned several theories, but resonated the most with depth psychology, which addresses both the conscious and unconscious psyche. Feelings, drives, impulses, intuition, instinct and subtle perception are all a part of the unconscious. Based in theories from Freud and Jung, depth psychotherapy explores someone's present, past, and future along with their surroundings to include the impact of culture on their psyche.

I enjoy working with adults, individuals, couples and families, as well as with organizational teams, leadership and staff members.


In addition to my psychotherapy practice, I am researching the importance of intuitive development, how addiction is contributing to the sixth mass extinction, and the origins of belonging. I have an interest in biomimicry and ecopsychology.


Masters is in Clinical Psychology.

PhD is in Depth Psychotherapy.

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